TURBO BRUSH 1L + Cleansing Shampoo 1L

VAT included

Bold Hair Cosmetics - capacity 1L+1L

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Bold Hair Cosmetics is a top brand on the market due to the highest quality and excellent results of its products. The Turbo Brush set is the latest strong hair revitalization treatment consisting of two products, a deep cleansing shampoo and an activator. It perfectly smoothes and regenerates hair fibers, giving them elasticity and shine. Plant extracts and natural ingredients penetrate deep into the hair - they rebuild, nourish and provide an excellent protective barrier. The product has coffee particles in it, and the caffeine contained in them additionally improves the condition of the hair. Thanks to this ingredient, the strands are even stronger, healthier and shinier. Turbo Brush is suitable for all hair types, straightening even unruly, strongly frizzy hair.

Very strong straightening and nourishing properties

Effect up to 6 months

The set includes keratin and cleansing shampoo

Technical product designed only for professionals


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TURBO BRUSH 1L + Cleansing...